Your business is profit. Our business is you.

Choice Hotels has created a new program to help owners drive profitability and take more to the bottom line.



  • Brand Selection – Select the brand that meets your needs and reach out to a member of our team to get your project started.
  • Land and Site Selection – For Choices Extended Stay Brands we have a dedicated team of Real Estate & Land Acquisition experts to assist with your site selection.
  • Financing – We provide tips and recommendations to help you be prepared, informed, and organized throughout the financing process.
  • Architectural Design – There’s much to coordinate during the architectural design phase and the Choice Architectural design team will help you along the way.
  • Interior Design – Guests expect your hotel to have a well-designed and cohesive interior. An Interior Design Professional can help you along the way.
  • Qualified Procurement Companies – Each brand may require specific products from approved vendors. Choice has partnered with Qualified Procurement Companies to help an owner purchase the right products, at competitive pricing, through a streamlined procurement process.
  • PreSell – Pre-sell is a process by which the hotel is sold for future dates via Choice’s Central Reservations System (CRS) prior to the property opening its doors. Please contact your Opening Services Manager (OSM) for any questions.


  • Revenue Generation When a franchisee joins our system, not only do they get a great brand to put outside their front door, but they also connect into Choice’s Central Reservation System (CRS): ChoiceEDGE. This allows the franchisee to start getting reservations right away. 

National Sales Tool

Advertising CO-OP

  • choiceADVANTAGE® – Being a Web-based property management system, choiceADVANTAGE delivers a comprehensive set of functionality while keeping your costs down.




  • Revenue Mamangemt – ChoiceRM is designed to help increase revenue to hotels through forecasting & strategy recommendations from an experienced, highly trained revenue manager.


  • Call Forwarding – Call Forwarding services have proven to be a valuable resource and can be a revenue-enhancing investment for your hotel.
  • AD Consultations & Benchmarking – A way to receive actionable recommendations to save on your bottom line and benchmark against your local competitors.

Choice Area Directors

  • Choice University – Our award-winning online education platform with resources to support you and your success.
  • Procurement – Helping Choice franchisees achieve total success is the driving force behind the Procurement Services Department. Our mission is to simplify the purchasing process at the hotel level.
  • Brand Programs – We care about the success of your property and our tailored brand programs help your property achieve that through valuable information centralized on your Brand specific webpage.